Yes, you can use veneers to close gaps in your teeth, especially the front teeth. Veneers are a great option because they require very minimal tooth structure to be removed for placement than crowns.

Most dental insurances do not cover veneers as they come under cosmetic dental procedures. But some insurance companies may include it in special packages. Make sure you confirm with your insurance provider before opting for the treatment.

Dental bonding is a dental treatment for correcting various defects in the appearance of the front teeth. The treatment uses a tooth-coloured material (composite resin) to fix the cavity or defect. The material is molded and sculpted around the tooth contours while it is still soft. The dentist will then point a specialized blue light on it for 20 seconds per section to harden it. On the other hand, veneers are ready-made thin shells of composite or porcelain material attached to the teeth with a strong cement or bonding agent. Both treatments fix cosmetic defects in your front teeth and have their pros and cons. Your dentist will inform you which is more suited to your requirements.