Depending on the size, complexity, and material used, a tooth filling can take anywhere between 30 – 60 minutes.

A dentist removes decay from the teeth using specialised dental instruments and rebuilds the missing tooth structure with tooth coloured (white) filling material. Thus, a tooth filling seals up the cavity and prevents the entry of food particles and bacteria. It protects the teeth from further decay and damage.

Whenever a tooth is broken, chipped or damaged by decay, the dentist inserts a biocompatible material into the cavity to restore and reshape it to its original contours. This dental procedure is called a tooth filling or dental filling.

The price of a tooth filling really depends on which tooth it is, and how big a filling is needed.  We have a practice plan here in Miriam Kenny Morehampton Dental Practice which offers discounted rates on treatments and includes a yearly check-up and bi-annual hygienist visits.  Below is the price table for tooth fillings and root canals.

TreatmentMember of maintenance planNon-member of plan
White Tooth Filling - 1 Surface€120€150
White Tooth Filling - 2 Surfaces€160€190
White Tooth Filling - 3 Surfaces€250-€280€300-€320
Root Canal Treatment - Single Root€450€500
Root Canal Treatment - Premolar (2 roots)€550€600
Root Canal Treatment - Molar€650€700

If you have tooth pain after a tooth filling, this usually can be resolved by the dentist trimming a little more away from the “bite” surface of the filling.

No, fillings should not hurt.  At our dental practice, it is normal to give local anaesthetic for procedures that we would expect to be uncomfortable.