A safe way to reduce the harm caused by grinding your teeth is to get a custom fit nightguard. These prevent your teeth from coming into contact and stop the teeth grinding habit. You can also try relaxing activities right before bedtime like taking a warm shower, holding a warm compress to your jaw, getting a head massage, avoiding stimulants like coffee and even practising mouth exercises during the day, to reduce stress.

Bruxism or teeth grinding habit can be aggravated by stress, anxiety, and an incorrect bite. You can help control Bruxism by opting for a nightguard which separates your teeth while you sleep, and prevents your teeth from wearing down. Lifestyle factors like reducing stress may also help control your Bruxism.

We do not recommend you fix your broken mouthguards yourselves with glue or other DIY materials. You could destroy the device’s fit or, worse, introduce a harmful toxic chemical in your mouth.