A dental hygienist specializes in preventative dental care. It is their job to halt your dental problems in their tracks and prevent their progress. Sometimes they can recognize and treat dental issues before they even start, When you go for a hygienist visit, they will deep clean your teeth and gums, removing any hard calculus or plaque buildup on the teeth surfaces. The hygienist will also remove stains and discolourations on your teeth, giving you a brighter smile in no time. Other dental issues like decay, gum and tooth infections and broken fillings can be detected early with timely hygienist visits.

Yes, a hygienist can remove surface stains and some discolourations on the teeth. During deep teeth cleaning, the hygienist uses ultrasonic instruments to scrape away the discoloured calculus or tartar on the tooth and root surfaces. They will also polish your teeth to make them shine. However, if the staining is internal, you may need to get intrinsic teeth whitening treatment to get rid of it. Sometimes, staining can be because of the presence of a cavity, in which case the hygienist bringing it to the attention of the dentist.