Yes, a person with braces can wear a mouthguard. We always recommend athletes wear gum shields or mouthguards during high-impact sports, as the wires and metal brackets from the braces can severely cut the lips, cheeks and tongue if there is any forceful impact on the mouth.

We recommend you brush and floss before wearing your mouthguard. Ideally, rinse the gum shield with lukewarm water or mouthwash before putting it on and after removing it. Press the mouthguard firmly in position on your back teeth with your thumbs. Store your mouthguard in a clean container between wear and regularly clean it using a brush and toothpaste. Let it dry between uses.

Yes, a custom mouthguard offers the best fit. We recommend that you not go for poorly fitting over-the-counter mouth guards that may irritate the gums and cause swelling. A customised mouthguard made at our dental clinic will protect your teeth and gums, especially during high-impact sports.