Avoid eating toast or crusty bread immediately after your tooth extraction. After 48 hours, you can have soft bread or bread dipped in liquids (like tea or coffee).

Opt for a soft diet after your tooth extraction. You can have soup,  mashed potatoes, yoghurt, smoothies etc. Avoid spicy foods and anything that needs to be chewed a lot.

Your dentist will give you some cotton gauze packs to bite down for a while after your tooth extraction. The pressure will stop the bleeding. You can alternatively remove the gauze piece and bite down on a wet tea bag. Avoid rinsing or spitting.

Before having a tooth extraction, always give a detailed medical history to your dentist. Tell them all the health problems you have and the medications you are taking. This information helps your dentist decide if the tooth extraction is safe for you. Unless the dentist has advised differently, DO take your usual medications, such as high blood pressure medicine before coming in for the extraction. Also, avoid smoking right before tooth extraction.