With good healing the soft gum tissue will have closed over the socket after 7 days, and the bone tissue beneath the gum will have reformed within 6-8 weeks.

A straightforward extraction visit is usually completed within 30 minutes. Teeth requiring a surgical removal will require a visit of just over 1 hour.

Yes, tooth extraction is generally safe for everybody. However, you should always discuss your health problems with your doctor before starting the procedure. People with high blood pressure and diabetes must have their blood pressure and sugar levels under control. People with heart problems, who take blood-thinning medicines, MIGHT need to stop their medication a couple of days before the extraction to prevent excessive bleeding. Please do NOT stop your medication until you have discussed this with the dentist.

No, tooth extraction does not hurt. It is performed after giving adequate amounts of local anaesthesia, which numbs the tooth and surrounding areas. You will feel pressure as your dentist gently but firmly gradually loosens & then wiggles out the tooth.