• Severe tooth decay: When tooth decay has progressed so much, and the tooth cannot be saved by any means (fillings, root canals etc.), you must extract it. Severely decayed teeth often are the cause of a dental abscess. Extracting such a tooth prevents the abscess from spreading. 
  • Advanced gum disease: In the advanced stages of gum disease, along with swollen, red and bleeding gums, we also see a bone loss. This loss of supporting bone leads to loose teeth, which cannot be treated and such teeth need to be extracted. 
  • Tooth crowding to be treated with orthodontic treatment: Teeth crowding is a common problem many people face. To make space for proper alignment of teeth during orthodontic treatment, your dentist may extract one or two teeth. 
  • Fractured teeth: Some falls or trauma cause a fracture of the teeth in such a way that they become impossible to repair. In such a case, they need to be extracted and replaced with an artificial tooth.

Our dentist will first take an X-ray to check the position of the tooth root and direction. We will then give you a gentle local anaesthetic injection. After the tooth has become numb, our dentist will expertly apply pressure to wiggle the tooth loose and then carefully remove the tooth. The whole process takes minutes.