We include checkups and other treatments in our monthly Practice plan, by attending regularly we can identify dental problems at an earlier stage – thereby preventing pain, discomfort and unnecessary expense.  Contact us today for more information

A dental checkup can last anywhere between 15 – 45 mins. It really depends on the patient, if any issues are found and if there are any complications, normaly checkups are quick and pleasant.

No, at our practice, dentists do not perform teeth cleaning during a dental checkup.  We recommend a dedicated appointment with our dental hygienist for a thorough professional dental cleaning.

In a dental checkup, dentists initially screen for mouth cancer,  then look at the teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue to check for any abnormalities. They note if there is any tooth decay, failing old fillings, tooth mobility, bleeding gums, calculus build-up, bad breath, chipped teeth, malaligned teeth, ulcers, and more.