Practice Plan

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Our Practice Plan

Our plan is designed to help our patients commit to looking after the health of their mouth. The best preventive care we can provide is regular dental examination along with regular hygienist care.

With our Practice Plan, you will attend every 6 months with the hygienist and once yearly for your dental examination and have no fees to pay at these visits. The cost of these visits is covered by your monthly subscription - this is as low as €10 or €17.50, depending on whether you qualify for the “PRSI” benefit.


Reasons for joining our Practice Plan 

  • By attending regularly we can identify dental problems at an earlier stage - thereby preventing pain, discomfort and unnecessary expense.
  • Your annual dental examination is covered
  • Your 6 monthly hygienist visit is covered
  • Preferential fees on treatment not covered by the Plan
  • Payment by convenient monthly standing order, allowing you to budget


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