General Dental Treatments in Dublin 4

General Dental Treatments

At Miriam Kenny Morehampton Dental Practice we provide a wide range of General Dental Treatments, from regular dental checkups to complete cleanings and hygienist treatments we have the treatment that you need.  We will always aim to provide you with expert advice and will aim to save your teeth with our restorative dental treatments.

01. Assess

The first step is to thoroughly assess your situation and make a diagnosis

02. Diagnose & Treat

We will give you an expert optinion and suggest a treatment plan.

Regular dental check-ups are essential for the early diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases.

It is important to get screened regularly for oral cancer by professionals. 

We offer dental hygiene services like professional teeth cleaning and polishing to prevent buildup of plaque.

Large cavities, tooth fractures/cracks, and bacterial entry under old restorations/fillings all call for a root canal treatment to save the tooth from being extracted.

Severe tooth pain, injury to the face and/or mouth, a cracked tooth, a fallen out tooth, a tooth abscess or uncontrollable bleeding from the mouth; these are all dental emergencies that need to be taken care of at the earliest.

Decayed, broken down, chipped, or worn teeth can be fixed using dental fillings. “White  fillings” resemble the colour and shade of natural teeth and can effectively restore their natural shape and look.

Dental X-rays help in diagnosing dental problems that cannot be clinically assessed or seen in the mouth.

Habits like teeth grinding/clenching and/or TMJ (jaw joint) discomfort can result in tooth wearing and crack lines on the back teeth, contributing to severe sensitivity.

We fabricate gum shields for high-impact sports athletes like Rugby, Football, Boxing, Hockey etc.

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