Dental Examinations

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covid19 wideClosed due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic the Practice is closed at present.
If you are a patient of the practice and you have an urgent dental problem, please send a text to Dr. Miriam Kenny at 086 8481514.

ID-10077947Our aim is to help you keep your teeth for your lifetime. Whether it be your first visit to our practice or your regular "check-up" with us - after listening to any concerns you have about your mouth, the dentist will examine you to see how healthy everything is and we will take Xrays where necessary to give more information.

The dentist will be examining not only the health of your teeth and gums, but also will be screening for other conditions visible in the mouth in particular oral cancer.

By using digital Xray systems we get immediate results while lowering patient exposure to Xrays. Using an intra-oral camera (small camera in the mouth) we can show you pictures to help explain what we see.