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Dental Treatments - CrownThe crown fits right over the remaining tooth structure, making it stronger and giving it the shape and contour of a natural tooth.

Crowns are sometimes known as "caps".

Most crowns are made of porcelain (tooth coloured) bonded to precious metal. Sometimes we use just porcelain (without the metal substructure), this gives a great appearance especially at the front of the mouth. We still often need to recommend a crown made of only metal (cast yellow gold), where appearance isn't important (for instance right at the back of the mouth).

The dentist prepares the tooth to the ideal shape for the crown. Then an impression (a mould) is taken of the prepared tooth. An impression is also taken of the opposite jaw and a little silicone record is taken to mark the way the teeth bite together. The impressions (along with all other information needed) are given to the dental technician who works in a specialised dental laboratory.

The technician makes models of the teeth and uses these to construct a customised crown. Generally it takes about 2 weeks for the crown to be returned. Meanwhile, a temporary crown will have been provided by the dentist for the prepared tooth.

On the day for fitting the crown: this is a much shorter appointment than the day of the tooth preparation. After checking the fit & appearance, we seal the crown in place with a specialised dental cement.