Dental Treatments

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Our aim is to help you keep your teeth for your lifetime. After listening to any concerns you have about your mouth, the dentist will examine you to see how healthy everything is.

Our hygienist plays a very important role in the practice. When you visit our hygienist, your teeth will be cleaned of plaque and tartar and polished - greatly improving their health and appearance.

When a tooth has suffered damage- either as a result of trauma or more commonly as a result of the destruction caused by the disease process that is "tooth decay" the missing tooth structure needs to be replaced.

Crowns are a superior way to rebuild teeth which have been badly broken by trauma or have been weakened by decay and extensive fillings.

When a tooth is missing a bridge can be made, using the tooth on either side of the gap as fixed support for the false tooth.

Also known as Endodontic treatment, this is a treatment the dentist can provide to save a tooth rather than extract it

At our practice we favour the nighttime home tray bleaching system.